Spain Wedding Photography & Film

Spain is a mix of old and new, modern and traditional. What other country could produce such rebellious and relentlessly creative spirits as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí and place them front and centre in public life?

Spain is a very diverse country, so it’s got something for everyone´s taste when it comes to wedding settings. Each area has got its own charm and climate.

One of the most popular locations are the beaches due to the tropical image Spain provides. Spain has almost 5,000 kilometres of coastline. Aside from numerous beaches, getting married in Spain forest is a whole different fairytale. The lush vegetation and the sunlight add a lot of enchantment to the setting. Choosing a tradition Spain wedding in a church might be the best option for a religious wedding. There are no limits when it comes to weddings in Spain since this country provides so many different but beautiful locations.

Spain Wedding Destinations

Our favourite Spain destinations would definitely include Ibiza and Girona.

Ibiza has become one of our favourite wedding destinations. With around 50 beaches and more than 100 miles of coastline, Ibiza is not only the centre of nightlife in Europe but it became one of the favourite wedding destinations too. Creativity and open mindedness are at the heart of the authentic spirit of Ibiza.

Girona is an ancient city of contrasts, from its Byzantine old quarter to vibrant, contemporary city culture. The perfect location to get married in Girona would be country house Mas del Mar that dates back to the 17th century and is situated close to the coast.

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