The StoryArt WeddingBook Collection

Cube or Panorama

The StoryArt – Cube

30x30cm / 140-200 pages
Book Size Opened: 64x30cm/25×11.8in
Book Size Closed: 32x30cm/12.5×11.8in
Number of Pages: 140–200
Number of Photos: 250-450
Covers: Real Natural Leather, Eco Leather, Photo Canvas, Book Canvas
Papers: Natural Lustre, Natural Matte, 100% Cotton Rough
+ it comes with a CUBE box

The StoryArt – Panorama

Book Size Opened: 84x30cm/34×11.8in
Book Size Closed: 42x30cm/16.5×11.8in
Number of Pages: 100–180
Number of Photos: 200-400
Covers: Real Natural Leather, Eco Leather, Photo Canvas, Book Canvas
Papers: Natural Lustre, Natural Matte, 100% Cotton Rough Paper
+ it comes with a PANORAMA box

Cover Materials

Judge the book by its covers!
Choose from extraordinary selection of covers for your Weddingbook.
100% Real Natural Leather, Eco Leatherlikes, Photo Canvas, Book Canvas, Natural Linens

New* Genuine Leathers

Simply the best you can get. Real natural 100% genuine leather in three colours and styles.

Natural Linens

Made from real woven, has a beautiful touch of natural organic material. Our most popular cover option!

Natural PaperLike

Made from cotton with a touch of nature. It’s smooth, soft and silky. Great choice for a non-classical cover!

Synthetic Leather-likes

Artificial material and animal friendly premium cover.

Choose a Customisation

Our range of cover designs is custom made just for you and we offer: Simple, Partial, Full or Engraved/Embossed cover.

The Cover

Full cover made from one material


The Partial

Full cover with partial canvas print


The Full

Fron side full print on canvas


Embossing or Engraving

High quality stamp or laser print on your cover.



Love on the first touch!
Our WeddingBooks come with high–quality print on the Fine Art Museum Archive papers.

FineArt Rough Paper

Rough matte uncoated paper is great for a textured look and gives a natural paper feel.

Rough Matte Paper
Paper Weight: 300g
Surface type: Rough Matt 100%
Whiteness of paper
Depth of color/black

Natural Matt Paper

With less of that final shiny layer, matte prints offers similar lifespan, without that glossy sheen; perfect paper for imitating film effect and emphasises texture in a photograph.

Matte Paper
Paper Weight: 260g
Surface type: Natural Matt 90%
Whiteness of paper
Depth of color/black

Lustre Paper

Lustre paper offers best of both worlds: the color saturation of glossy paper and fingerprint resistance of matte paper, and it has no glare that is usually associated with glossy paper.

Lustre Glossy Paper
Paper Weight: 290g
Surface type: Natural Glossy 95%
Whiteness of paper
Depth of color/black

The Story Art mini

The real WeddingBook, but a mini version, great for wedding gifts for your family and friends. Pick the version you wish to have.

The StoryArt – miniCUBE

Opened: 40x20cm/31.5×11.8in
Closed: 20x20cm/15.8×11.8in

The StoryArt – miniPANORAMA

Opened: 60x20cm/31.5×11.8in
Closed: 30x20cm/15.8×11.8in

The Box

Our WeddingBooks come with a presentation box uniquely created for you.

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