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Ena Mihoci

Lead Photographer & Cinematographer, Photo&Video Editor, Director

Happily married for her soul mate. Mom of Lukas. Whether it’s a mountain, forest or ocean, nature is where she feels the happiest and most alive. Can’t say if cat or dog person, she preferably adopt all animals, except insects which she’s scared to death from. Wannabe surfer. Huge jazz fan. Believer. Loves and understands people, the reason why she studied human behavior and psychology.
Art lover in general, any kind of creative expression. Multitasker. Multitalented. Former musician but still has music in her blood. Loves fashion, cosmetics, beauty products, a variety of “girlish” things and can’t help herself. Doesn’t like stereotypes. In photography and video prefers real and spontaneous moments, loves black & white photos. Loves meeting new people, new cultures and travels are her greatest treasure, the most valuable and most instructive experiences of life. Photo and video mentor. Gourmand.

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Nikolina Plejic

Lead Photographer and Lead Graphic Designer

Introverted and likes to be home, except for the wedding summer season. Wanted to chase tornadoes, but physics wasn’t her strong suit. Has Master’s Degree in Graphic Technology. Loves blues, rock & metal and can listen to one album for years. Believes Vans shoes are appropriate for any occasion. 90% of her clothes are black. Big Star Wars fan. Slytherin and proud.
Believes any cuisine is good if it’s made by mom and dad. Loves apple pie and fancy chocolate. Hates wasting time in traffic jams and cooking complicated food. In her spare time plays a lot of video games and cares for around 30 plants. Will judge a book by its cover. Dream home is living in Dalmatia with view of the Velebit and Adriatic Sea, with her fiancé and about 5 dogs. Loves astrophotography and moody landscapes.

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Mario Vinkovic

Lead Cinematographer and Video Editor

Fifteen years in the industry, twelve years at MihociStudios. As a kid he filmed and photographed everything he could, he literally went to bed with a camera. In his spare time he’s a amateur theatre actor and makes amateur movies. Acting is something that relaxes him the most. Loves to go on long runs outdoors, plays soccer. Critiques movies as a hobby and collects them on VHS.
Married and has a lovely seven year old daughter. Used to smoke a lot, but he doesn’t smoke or drink coffee for two years now, very proud of that achievement. At home he has his garden and vineyard that he loves to work on, it relaxes him. Loves to travel. Communicative and always in a good mood. You’ll never see him angry because he never is, but is still known as Mrki which means grumpy in Croatian. Will never admit that he’s tired. Always cares about others.

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Ante Majic

Lead Photographer and Cinematographer and Lead Video Editor

Photography has influenced him since he was a child, when his mother only carried family photo albums to shelters during the war in in the 1990s. First he was photojournalist but then he found out about MihociStudios 🙂 Loves to take photos of his Ana. He loves documentary films and has made one of his own. More and more he finds himself in cinematography.
Finds happiness while walking through the mountains. Living self-sustainingly on the island in the Adriatic Sea with his significant other is his dream. Loves sky and planes; he was once a pilot glider but doesn’t like commercial flights. Seafood is his favourite. Melancholic. Volunteer for the Red Cross. Acts in amateur theatre. Believes black coffee is the only right coffee. Thinks it’s a sin to not tuck your shirt in. Likes video games. Can’t wait to buy a telescope and start shooting astrophotography.

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Marko Knezevic

Lead Photographer

A teenager in the body of a 40-year-old man. He likes to go out for a Saturday coffee with his wife Iva and daughter Uma. He almost finished the Law School, but gave it up on time. He skips breakfast. A skateboarder since 1989, more mentally than physically these days. He has a fetish for skate sneakers and photo bags. An introvert, except behind the lens. A glass is half empty, but has a free refill option. As a kid, he was fascinated by photos of faraway places. He started taking photos on trips and got hooked on both. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” (Susan Sontag). When traveling, he takes an unhealthy amount of photos. He loves Asian cuisine and smells of the spice market. He loves 1960s and 1970s music and tries to play guitar. An amateur vinyl record collector. Beatles guy in the Beatles vs Stones dispute. 3 coffees a day is the right measure. Worked as a professional skate photographer and filmmaker. 8 years in Mihoci studio so far. He likes watching people on airport transfers. Appreciates a good powder day. An original trilogy buff. He likes buying any piece of technology. He believes in karma. Soft on retro design. Chocolate can be a dinner. His default facial expression is serious, but he is laughing from the inside. Every Mihoci Wedding is a new adventure.

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David Mihoci

Lead Photographer & Cinematographer, Photo&Video Editor, Director

Loves his wife more than anything. Likes good movies and cinematography. Loves cookies and chocolate. A gourmand, big fan of Italian cuisine. Loves quality red wine. Has a fetish for beautiful papers and good design. In a store, the item with the best packaging design takes his attention. Academic photographer and cinematographer. Loves to follow the latest tech trends. Cat person, loves his two cats. Always has messy hair. Wears unpaired socks and his t-shirts upside down. Multitasker. Photo and video mentor.
Primarily appreciates fine art photography. Likes to take arial video with a drone. There isn’t a problem that he can’t solve in a simple manner. Loves to travel, sometimes speedy and hyperactive. Loves airplanes, frequently needs to fly to various destinations and has a huge fear of flying. Has somewhere around fifty white shirts that he wears every day. Hates gyms, loves all sports that use a ball.

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Our style of work is a mixture of a documentary and artistic approach.In our shooting style we give emphasis on authentic moments and emotions in an authentic setting, and at the same time we attach major importance to composition and aesthetics.It’s extremely important to us that you are portrayed exactly as you are like an individual, but in the most beautiful way.
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World Bank, Unicef, Amnesty International, Ascendant Capital Advisors, Juliana Nails Europe, Warner Music Group, Davis Cup, HL, Croatian Natural History Museum, Playboy, PhotoFR, Entomologia Croatica, Natura Croatica, CCBC, Končar, Embassy of the State of Qatar, OTW, etc

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