Croatia Wedding Photography & Videography

Fantastic venues & stunning landscapes create lifelong memories

Croatia Wedding Photography & Video

Take your Mediterranean wedding to a whole different level! From romantic proposal, beautiful honeymoon destinations and stunning wedding venues, Croatia is a country full of possibilities.
Choose continental Croatia as your wedding destination and you will find interesting tourist attractions. The most recognizable attraction of this part of Croatia is certainly a natural phenomenon known worldwide and listed on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List – Plitvice Lakes National Park.
Zagreb as the capital of Croatia is cultural, scientific and business centar that dominates continental Croatia.

Choose Croatian coastline of the Adriatic Sea as your wedding destination and you will discover gorgeous high mountains, timeless towns with ancient architecture, beautiful beaches and Adriatic Coast of 1233 islands of various sizes! HvarDubrovnikRovinjPorečSplit, Opatija and Vis are few out of many popular wedding destinations in Croatia!

Dubrovnik Wedding Photography & Video

As one of the most prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea, planning to hold your wedding or engagement in the gorgeous Dubrovnik, will definitely be a treat! The city has been referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” with its centuries-old streets, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. Dubrovnik will take you to another place in time, where we will capture your most happiest and emotional moments, whether its your wedding or an intimate engagement photo session.

Have your wedding next to waves crashing at the beach at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. Is your style more glamorous and you like ancient architecture? Grand Villa Argentina is the real choice for you! Or maybe you want the view of Adriatic Sea to give your wedding guest a different experience? Villa Sheherezade is the perfect wedding venue for you! Say your “I Do’s” in a private Palace in the centre of the town, in the beautiful Sponza Palace.

Find your perfect Dubrovnik wedding venue here!

Hvar Wedding Photography & Video

Hvar is one of the Croatian’s most visited tourist locations not only because of the natural beauties and sapphire sea but also because of the ancient architecture and rich history. Elegant venues & nightlife are only added to its attractiveness.
Your wedding ceremony will be extraordinary whichever location you choose – stunning scenery at the highest peak St Nicholas, elegant Beach Club Hvar or casual Laganini Palmizana lounge bar.
Stari Grad (Pharos) is the oldest town in Croatia which was founded by the greeks from the Island of Paros. It will provide a totally different backdrop to your photos!

Find the perfect wedding venue for your Hvar wedding here!

Split Wedding Photography & Video

Split weddings offer a unique and enchanting setting for couples looking to tie the knot. Nestled along the stunning Adriatic coast, Split provides a captivating blend of historical charm and breathtaking natural beauty. From exchanging vows amidst ancient ruins and historic cathedrals to celebrating with loved ones at picturesque beachside venues, Split weddings promise unforgettable moments and photo-worthy backdrops. Explore the region’s rich cultural heritage, indulge in delectable cuisine, and bask in the warm Mediterranean sun while creating lifelong memories on your special day. Experience the allure of Split weddings and discover why this Croatian gem is the perfect destination for your dream wedding. Pick one of many beautiful venues: Diocletian Palace or Villa Dalmatia!

split wedding photography video

Istria Wedding Photography & Video

Continental Croatia meets the Adriatic in this heart-shaped peninsula. Remnants of Istria’s Roman, Byzantine and Habsburg past can be found in its churches, sites and museums. As you travel inland, the scrubby vegetation and olive groves gradually give way to wooded hills and fertile valleys with occasional hilltop villages, each with its own character. The most visited place is Motovun, famous for its Film Festival, but you won’t be disappointed if you visit other places in Istria, since each place has it’s own character.
Pula, RovinjPaladnjaki and Poreč are few out of many places in Istria that would be perfect for your wedding destination!

Pag Island Wedding Photography & Video

Pag is deserted enough to give us some of the most beautiful views and natural panoramas, and at the same time so rich in culture and gastronomy! Pag is an island for hedonists who will gladly escape to this paradise in the Adriatic to exchange vows and enjoy everything this destination has to offer! Surrounded by the steely Adriatic Sea, the island is the most dramatic-looking place in the whole of Croatia. With a beautiful view of Velebit mountain and stormy clouds above it, Pag is a great place to have your wedding!

One of the most popular wedding venues on Pag is Hotel Boškinac! A family hotel in Novalja is beautifully situated on a rise with a view overlooking the vineyards, sea and fig trees. It is built with passion and love to wine, island surroundings, peace and domestic food.

pag island wedding photography video
pag island wedding photography video

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