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Timeless, medieval, classical and filled with beauty

Germany Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Germany is a wedding destination with quaint black timbered cottages in tiny villages surrounded by bright green fields, or highly contemporary buildings blended with ancient cathedrals. The country is an excellent choice at any time of year and the climate is moderate with warm summers and cool to cold winters. rom northern cities like Hamburg with it famous red light district and Bremen with its picturesque Hanseatic buildings to western destinations like Frankfurt, the financial capital of Europe, German cities are vibrant and exciting.

Germany Wedding Photographer
Germany Wedding Photographer

Most Beautiful German Wedding Venues

For your wedding ceremony and reception there are so many different venues. whether you choose a Villa MertonHambacher CastleHouse Darsberg or a lake house Munsing, you will be greaced with beautiful german greenery. There are so many possibilities  for a photo session for your Germany wedding. Munich city parks, Bavarian forestlake Schliersee are only a few locations that would make your wedding photos a beautiful and lifelong memory.

Wedding in Castle Kronberg, Frankfurt

Castle Kronberg, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is a breathtaking setting for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Nestled in the heart of the Taunus Mountains, this enchanting 19th-century castle combines stunning architecture, rich history, and picturesque landscapes, making it the perfect venue for a fairytale-like wedding.

The castle’s surrounding grounds are stunning, featuring manicured gardens, fountains, and lush greenery. This provides a delightful setting for outdoor ceremonies or for capturing beautiful wedding photos amid the castle’s natural beauty. The castle gardens also offer a romantic ambiance for guests to explore and enjoy during cocktail hours or leisurely walks.

Palmgarten in Frankfurt is a stunning venue that will leave you and your guests in awe. Its lush greenery, colorful flowers, and serene atmosphere create a magical feeling. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by nature’s beauty, with the soft sounds of birds chirping in the background. It’s a truly enchanting experience.

Located in Bavarian Alps, Lake Schliersee attracts people with its beauty and diversity of the surrounding greenery. Getting married by the sea sounds like a dream, but saying ‘I do’ near a lake with this kind of view is another type of fairytale.

Schliersee Germany Wedding Photography Video

Located near Munich, deep in Bavarian forests, Sonnenhausen or house of sun is a great wedding venue for a rustic wedding. Since its so close to amazing Bavarian forests, the locations for wedding photo sessions are endless!

Gut Sonnenhausen Germany Wedding Photography Video

Beautiful rustic villa with an amazing “glass house” perfect for wedding reception. With many interesting parts of the Villa and amazing greenery around it, it’s also a great place for a photo session!

La Villa Starnbergersee Germany Wedding Photography Video

This amazing Baroque castle is an ideal wedding venue for a classical wedding. With plenty of gorgeous and different rooms, its perfect for an indoor wedding photo session. Its amazing garden with a view of the Lake Bodensee is great for a pre-reception drinks for your guests.
The ceremony can be held in a breathtaking church with amazing ornate details, Basilika Birnau.

Bodensee Germany Wedding Photography Video

An amazing hotel with a breathtaking view of the Lake Tagernsee. Have your reception in a pristine white ballroom, your photo session in the hotels garden, and your ceremony at a local church.

Tagernsee Germany Wedding Photography Video

Beautiful photo shoot locations in Germany

Germany is a big country where there is something for everyone! Big cities with historical architecture and beautiful parks; small towns with amazing cathedrals; gorgeous lakes with amazing landscape; fantastic castles…

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