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Romantic venues & stunning landscapes created lifelong memories

Hvar Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hvar is one of the Croatia’s most visited tourist destinations. The islands natural beauty and beautiful Adriatic Sea aren’t the only things that catches tourists attention.The ancient architecture  with its rich history can be found in each building, and each part of Hvar. Elegant wedding venues, five-star hotels and nightlife only add to its attractiveness and to your wedding photos and video! We will show you why you need to pick Hvar as your wedding destination! Scroll down and see the beauty through the camera of Hvar wedding photographers & videographers.

Your wedding at the most elegant wedding venues in Hvar

Choosing Hvar as your wedding destination will elevate your wedding. Stunning scenery of the highest peak St. Nicholas, elegant Bonj Les Bains beach club, or casual Laganini Palmižana lounge bar… Your wedding will be extraordinary whichever Hvar wedding venue you choose.

If you are more traditional and want a classical wedding, you don’t have to look further than Hvar. The town of Hvar has a beautiful church courtyard St. Marak where your wedding ceremony will be intimate and private. And while all wedding venues have a view of the Adriatic and are close to the beaches, your wedding can still be classical and romantic.

A few steps away from the city’s most characteristic attractions, Palace Elisabeth elegantly combines the beauty of its past with its luxurious present. With unique architecture and design this heritage hotel captures the true essence of Hvar. Elegant, ancient, sunny.
Palace Elisabeth is the first 5-star hotel on Hvar. The hotel was built on the main town square, which is also the largest square in Dalmatia.

Wedding at Beach Club Hvar, in the heart of Hvar

Formerly known as Bonj Les Bains, the Beach Club Hvar is a famous wedding venue in Croatia. Beautiful seafront terrace, white stone colonnades and private pontoons will create a perfect backdrop for your wedding. Have your wedding ceremony by the sea, and your wedding reception & party in the private section with the view of Adriatic all in one place.

Beach Club Hvar From Air

Maslina Resort

Nestled in the beautiful island of Hvar, Maslina Resort offers a picturesque setting for your special day. With stunning views, luxurious accommodations, and top-notch amenities, Maslina Resort is the ideal setting for a romantic and memorable wedding celebration. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams at Maslina Resort in Hvar.

Wedding at Hvar City Fortress

Hvar City Fortress is a powerful symbol of rich history. It offers a breathtaking view of Hvar Harbour as well as Pakleni Islands.

Wedding Reception at Laganini Lounge Bar, Palmizana Beach

Laganini Lounge Bar Fish house is one of Croatia’s most exclusive seafood restaurants located on the beautiful island Palmizana next to Hvar. Give your wedding guests a unique experience with a boat cruise of the Adriatic while getting to this amazing Lounge Bar.

Laganini Lounge Bar Hvar Wedding Photographer Videographer

Wedding reception Restauran Zori on St Klemens Island

Restaurant Zori has a 65 years long and consistent tradition in creating heavenly food coupled with exceptional guest experience. Located on an island close to Hvar, St. Klemens, the restaurant features beautiful Adriatic scenery at any time of day, and a Palm terrace which creates shade for your wedding reception.

Restoran Zori Hvar Wedding Photographer Videographer

Most popular & beautiful photo shoot locations in Hvar

Hvar is totally different location for your engagement & wedding photo session. The Old Town of Hvar will give you small and narrow streets, big squares, beautiful architectural buildings of great history, and a beautiful view of the boats in the marina. If you are one for the nature, and summer crowds are not your style. Well the Hvar Islands has something for you too! The Old Town is completely surrounded by nature. And if you want epic wedding photos, you just have to climb to the top of the island! With a car of course!
The views from the top peaks of Hvar Island are out of this world. The whole Adriatic Coast will be on the palm of your hand.

Hvar Island Aerial Photography & Video

A view from above for your wedding and engagement, as well as get together with your family and friends. We can capture real and important moments from air. Walking down the aisle, exchanging your wedding vows, your wedding and engagement photo & video shoot, your wedding party. But our drones can also capture the beauty of your wedding destination. Look at the most beautiful Hvar Island venues from Adriatic Sea. See Adriatic Coast and Hvar’s natural beauty from the highest peaks.

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