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Planning an engagement session

Planning an engagement session So, you’ve recently gotten engaged and you’re overflowing with excitement to share this special time with…

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Top Reasons Why Should Couples Get a Wedding Book

Top Reasons Why Should Couples Get a Wedding Book Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding day filled with love, laughter, and joy. While this magical day…

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Top Croatian Locations for Engagement Photo Sessions

Croatia Engagement Photo Session Locations

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Engagement photo session outfit ideas

Engagement photo session outfit ideas There are so many great options for engagement outfits and a lot of things to consider when selecting the outfit…

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Must Have Wedding Photos

Moments that happen on your wedding day, occur only once. This is one day when you want everything to look beautiful, just as you like it, to have all of your favourite people stood by you, and to remember it for a life time.

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Most beautiful wedding destinations in Croatia

ONE OF THE TOP WEDDING DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLDMost Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Croatia Elegant wedding venues, breathtaking vies, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean climate… Hvar Wedding Photographer Videographer

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Wedding video

Wedding video.- yes or no? Wedding video – yes or no? Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most significant occasions in your life,…

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Everything you need to know about an engagement photo session

Regardless of how long you are in the relationship, you certainly can’t flaunt a lot of shared photos taken by a professional photographer. You are engaged and it is fully justified to celebrate your status and want official photographs where it will be just the two of you as a couple, relaxed and in love. Besides that, it is desirable to experience how to stand in front of professional photographic equipment before the wedding. So, here are some useful reasons why you should have an engagement photo session and everything you need to know about it. Read More

How to look great on wedding photos

You are preparing for the “most beautiful and important day of your life”, although the “most important” part creates tremendous pressure, especially for the photos which you want to look perfect. Not only you’re not a professional model but you’re bothered by the thought that on that day you will have to pose in front of cameras and keep those photos as a lifelong memory. A lot of times you will hear the advice: “Relax.”, and even if it is the most smartest and universal advice ever, there are some other advices that will help you have truly perfect photographs.

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