Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Croatia

Elegant wedding venues, breathtaking vies, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean climate…

Croatian Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are more and more popular option for weddings, and it is already well-known that Croatia offers plenty of gorgeous locations on which many of the local and tourist couples decide to exchange their vows and celebrate marriage. Magical Istria and Dalmatia offer some of the most popular and beautiful wedding destinations, not only in Croatia but in the world. Croatia is a treasury filled with fairytale locations, from Adriatic Sea, the hills of Zagorje, the mountains of Gorski Kotar and Lika, to Slavonia plains. Destination weddings emphasize the special place and mood which will make your wedding day more beautiful, so it is normal that couples choose them. 

With the occurrence of the destination weddings it is more common that individual photographers are declaring themselves as destination wedding photographers. It can be demanding to be a destination wedding photographer, but the photographers simply enjoy these kind of weddings because if the location is beautiful and special, it gives a memorable aesthetic view of the photography.

Photogenic locations are usually the ones in the nature and outdoor. Even though our Adriatic Sea is gorgeous and irreplaceable, you don’t have to necessarily choose the wedding destination near the sea for the scenes to be perfect. Sometimes an old stone house or vineyard hills can be a very interesting motif for photography. The palette of impressive locations in Croatia is really wide, so we will select our favourite and most photogenic places which should definitely be taken into account when choosing the perfect destination.

Zagreb Wedding Photo Shoot, Croatia
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Wedding Destinations in Istria

A well-known magical destination attracting tourists from all around the world is a perfect wedding destination. Besides picturesque Rovinj which is by itself a mecca for newlyweds and the photographers, and the gorgeous Villa Polesini in Poreč located right by the sea, we shouldn’t ignore the heartland of Istria that offers fairytale motifs; old stone houses and Istrian kažun (round or cone shaped, stone shelter without windows), vineyards, olive groves, hills and interesting small towns. 

Istria Wedding Photography Video

Croatian Tuscany

Towns like Motovun and Groznjan are a great choice. Our favourite wedding destination with a theme “Istrian village” is Agrotourism Paladnjaki in the heart of Istria, which, besides great local food, offers idyllic mood of Istrian village with old stone houses, surrounded with green plains and flowers, relaxing pool and romantic lanterns along the whole garden. 

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Wedding in Meneghetti Winery

Another one of the special locations in the heartland of Istria is the beautiful winery Stancija Meneghetti, a rustic villa located in Bale and surrounded by nature and vineyards that gives all its visitors perfect peace and luxury. Take a look at this amazing al fresco wedding in Meneghetti Winery!

Wedding in Opatija

The Kvarner Gulf is often unfairly neglected location, and it offers one of the most beautiful jewels of the Adriatic Sea, Opatija town. Opatija is a beautiful and elegant tourist location with rich Austro-Hungarian history, located at the foot of the mountain Učka with plenty of old and luxurious villas and hotels, a beautiful park and the sea.It is known that Opatija is filmed and used as a backdrop in movies and was visited by many historically important and famous people.

Opatija is also a perfect backdrop for a wedding! If you want an elegant wedding with a dash of the old glow of Opatija, the best choice is a beautiful hotel Kvarner founded in 1884. with the Crystal Hall, one of the famous ball halls in Croatia and elegant terrace with the view of the sea. For a modern view of Opatija, a perfect choice would be restaurant Bevanda, with its perfectly decorated space and rich gastronomy. Close to the restaurant, a new beach Lido is currently decorated as the most luxurious beach in the Adriatic Sea making it a perfect spot for a wedding!

Opatija Wedding Photography Video

Wedding destinations in Dalmatia

With crystal blue Adriatic Sea, islands and fascinating historical towns, Dalmatia most likely offers the largest number of wedding destinations. Everyones favourite Dubrovnik has been referred as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik has ancient streets & architecture, but also amazing beaches, and fantastic villas! Perfect for wedding in Dubrovnik.

But Dalmatia is much more than just one city. Gorgeous Island Hvar is proof that you don’t need a big city for your wedding. Surrounded by Adriatic Sea, it’s our most popular Adriatic island. Hvar Island has breathtaking nature, and your wedding will have a relaxing but elegant vibe!

Vis Island is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia and has the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Split is the city of tradition and modernity, and with gorgeous Villa Dalmacija, it’s no wonder that a lot of our couples choose this city for their perfect destination wedding!

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer Video
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Dubrovnik Wedding Destination

Whether it’s your Dubrovnik wedding in the luxurious wedding venues or if it’s an intimate engagement photo session above Dubrovnik with a breathtaking view of Adriatic Sea. Do you want to hear the sound of waves as you are saying “I do” at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace? Or is ancient architectural Grand Villa Argentina embraced in greenery more your kind of style? How about a breathtaking view of Island of Lokrum & Dubrovnik from Villa Sheherezade terrace? Take a look at the most amazing wedding venues in Dubrovnik we had the pleasure to capture.

Villa Sheherezade Aero Photography

Hvar Wedding Destination

Hvar town offers gorgeous hotel terraces in the very centre of the town, just like the terrace San Marco of the centennial Palace hotel with the view of the main square and the sea. The luxurious Beach Club Hvar would provide not only a beautiful backdrop for the wedding ceremony but a great setting for the wedding reception and party! Take a look at this latest Beach Club Hvar wedding!

Hvar is surrounded by many small islands. Island Palmižana, is home to one of the Croatia’s exclusive seafood restaurants Laganini Lounge Bar. Made from nature but still very elegant, Laganini Lounge Bar is a great place for a relaxed beach wedding!

Another beautiful island, St. Klement has the amazing restaurant Zori. Zori  is an elegant venue with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by stone walls, in the shade of beautiful tall palm trees, it makes a great place for an outdoor reception perfect for hot summer nights.

croatia Wedding photography video hvar

Vis Wedding Destination

Vis has one of the best beaches in Croatia and it’s one of the most remote inhabited island of Croatia. Vis Island will give your wedding guests a different experience. Sunsets and views of the Adriatic Sea are alluring. Vis Island offers unique traditions, history and cultural heritage to the outside world. Filled with small stone houses, stunning beaches, and beautiful wedding venue Fort George, Vis Island seems like a perfect getaway destination wedding!

vis croatia wedding photography video

Pag Island For Your Destination Wedding 

Pag is deserted enough to give us some of the most beautiful views and natural panoramas, and at the same time so rich in culture and gastronomy! Pag is an island for hedonists who will gladly escape to this paradise in the Adriatic to exchange vows and enjoy everything this destination has to offer! Surrounded by the steely Adriatic Sea, the island is the most dramatic-looking place in the whole of Croatia. With a beautiful view of Velebit mountain and stormy clouds above it, Pag is a great place to have your wedding!

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Wedding Destinations in Continental Croatia

Continental Croatia maybe doesn’t have the incredible view of the Adriatic Sea, but it still has gorgeous mountain tops, forests, parks and elegant wedding venues. It is also home to our capital Zagreb and many beautiful castles, as well as our National Park Plitvice Lakes which is perfect for elopements and photo & video shoots!

Zagreb Wedding Photographer Videographer

Wedding in Trakoscan Castle

Another one of the impressing sights and locations in Croatia is a fairytale castle Trakoscan. Beautiful historical castle, which rises over the landscape, is mirrored in the lake and surrounded by decorated nature. Located only an hour from Zagreb, Trakoscan castle makes a perfect sight for fairytale destination wedding.

trakoscan Zagreb Wedding Photographer Videographer

Zagreb Wedding Venues

Zagreb is a city of museums, stunning central city parks, elegant and luxurious venues and energetic street life. Unusual and unique architecture will surely capture romantic memories for you. Having your wedding here is great because its so easy! Elegant hotels like Hotel Esplanade and wedding venues are so close to the historical centre of the city where you can have your wedding photo shoot, while getting back to your wedding reception just in time!

Zagreb Wedding Photographer Videographer

National Park Plitvice Lakes

One of the most visited and most beautiful destinations in Croatia. Did you know that these crystal turquoise lakes and majestic waterfalls, surrounded by untouched nature, can be your wedding destination? Wedding by the Large Waterfall or by the beach of the largest lake, sounds like a dream wedding!

Croatia Wedding Destination Plitvice Lakes