Rovinj Wedding Photography & Videography

Outstanding natural beauty because of the indented coastline

Rovinj Wedding Photographer & Videographer

But if you want to get married in Istria somewhere by the sea, the city of Rovinj would be one of the most amazing choices. The city of Rovinj is located directly by the sea, and its center is rising from the sea on a small peninsula. The look of the city, the color of the houses, the serene beauty of Rovinj will at first make you feel as if you were in Positano or Venice. Rovinj is romantic, little old Croatian town of the Istrian peninsula, in the middle of a 19-island archipelago, one of the last true Mediterranean fishing ports, surrounded by hills covered by ancient forests; a popular hangout for all kinds of artists and artisans.

Rovinj Wedding Video and Film

Wedding ceremony & reception at The Red Island

The Red island consists of two artificially linked islands, the Maskin Island and the St. Andrew Island. With beautiful beaches and small locations around the island, its an interesting and a pretty place to get married! The Red Island is host to this picturesque castle wedding venue that is easily accessible from Rovinj via a 15-minute thrilling boat ride.

Rovinj Wedding Photographer Videographer

Photo session through Rovinj Town and Rovinj Riviera

The Rovinj Riviera delights with picturesque littoral towns, the hilly interior, the fortress-towns, the archipelago…
As Rovinj Town has squeezed itself onto a hilly peninsula, the surrounding panorama appears as a stately cone of scenic Mediterranean houses. The labyrinth of streets and alleyways converges on the church of Saint Euphemia. From there, the seascape view is equally impressive in all directions.

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