General Questions

No, we take different kinds of photography, but mostly we photograph weddings. Shooting weddings is quite complex and includes many different types of photography. Most of all we like journalism and fine art photography.

While shooting, we do not have determined amount of recorded videos or photos. We put maximal effort while shooting and capture every moment and every detail of your wedding.

You will receive all photos taken at your wedding. In average that is altogether approx. 5000 images (depending on the package, depending if I photograph alone or with an additional photographer) with 500-800 photos edited.

If you live nearby and if you have time, we would love to meet you, talk in person over a cup of tea, but if this is not possible we can arrange all the details via e-mail or Skype/Facetime. Most of our clients we meet on their wedding

Probably both. Sometimes we prefer to photograph, and sometimes to film. We like doing both, of course when we have enough time.

Yes of course. These are not the most creative wedding photographs, but we think it’s important to have such photos as well. Very important!

Yes, we are always glad to be hired for a wedding with photographs taken on film. Actually we started to do photography on film some 13 years ago 🙂

When we are hired to photograph a wedding we do what we are hired for –to photograph. We take photos in as many different ways and from as many different angles we can.

We are trying to spontaneously capture each person at the wedding and every moment.

We’ll take rainy photos !  All weather conditions and all seasons are beautiful in their own way. Let’s use it and do something different!

Emotion, moment, composition..

This is one of the most important things! Actually we have several backups on hard drives on at least 2-3 different locations, online cloud, etc. Be sure that your photographs and video is safer with us!

Traveling Worldwide & Insurance

We travel worldwide and we do it for the last nine years. We love to travel and if we are available on a specific date we will come wherever you call. We have been on weddings all over the world and new destinations are waiting for us each year.

Here is the list of some wedding location from last few years: USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia,  Australia, Puerto Rico, England…

Yes we do. If your venue requires a certificate, please let us know and we will send it.

Yes, of course. Please contact us if it needs to be sent.

Products and Design

Yes we do! We use only the best quality weddingbooks offered by World best manufacturers.

Yes you do. We will send you the online version of the WeddingBook for you to review it and make changes if you want.

It usually takes us 4-8 weeks to finish the design and make all the edits to the photos.

Of course we do! Feel free to reach out to us an ask us to send you our WeddingBook catalogue.