Wedding video – yes or no?

In the very beginning, many newlyweds discard the idea of filming their wedding. Who would be able to forget, when in the past you would carefully watch the 6-hour wedding video, from the beginning to the end, with the commentary on each guest who attended the wedding. It’s hard to ignore the experience from the wedding of your older sister where the videographer tirelessly followed your every move with unavoidable flash pointed straight in your eye. In that moment you decided that you will never allow that for your own wedding.

But, reconsider your decision because the time of those weddings are long gone. If you aren’t sure if it’s important to even have a wedding video, we will give you several examples of why many newlyweds regretted not having a videographer on their wedding.

Wedding video looks a lot different today

The wedding video trend has greatly changed in the last decade and instead of several hour footage, a wedding video today looks like a short movie with high quality look, both technically and aesthetically.

Todays technology allows good videographers to be more discreet during the wedding because they don’t need additional lighting (the flash pointed straight in your eye) to be able to film even in the conditions of poor lighting. The cameras aren’t that big, noticeable and heavy, and it is possible that you will notice the photographer more then the videographer!

Umbria Wedding Photography Cinematograhy Italy 0105 copy

Wedding video can be a real movie

Rarely you will hear someone say that they don’t like to watch movies, and it is not without good reason that cinematography is one of the most popular industries in the world.

Imagine have a real movie but with your own memories. A movie that you will watch with pleasure for your entire life and that will give you back the good memories that you had on your wedding day. Just as the best Hollywood movies don’t last long as you will get bored, your own wedding video also shouldn’t last longer then necessary and it has to include the best and the most beautiful moments which you want to remember.

Why exactly a video, why not beautiful film photography?

With photography you can transfer a picture, even a moment, but sound, movement and flow of time is something that gives a completely different view and can be shown with video.

It is nice to preserve the moment of your vow exchange, see and hear how it looked like, the face expressions, the toast of the emotional maid of honour, the sound of the string quartet as you walk down the aisle and many other moments which pass pretty quickly on that day and can’t be captured with photography. The video as a media, leaves a bigger impact then photography because it attracts our senses with sound and movement.

I will always remember words from a groom: “I will never forget how the flower crown fluttered as she stepped into the church and walked down the aisle.

This is the moment that sticked with him and it was recorded in their wedding video.

Ibiza wedding photography film

The bike is not a motorcycle, and the motorcycle is not a bike

The relationship between the photography and video is like that. The video is a newer media then photography and it is a type of a expanded photography, specifically the photography in time and movement. This doesn’t mean that photography is bad and old, or better than the video, it only means that it’s a different media. The video can give us a different view of the wedding, more complete then photography just as the motorcycle that we can probably drive faster with than with a bike. Therefore, both photography and video capture our memories but in a different way.

When you think of a bouquet and a budget, consider that if you save money by excluding or disregarding any of these two items, you are also saving on your memories. Video is like photography, a small investment in eternity.

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The best option is definitely to hire photographer and videographer from the same studio. Photographers and videographers from the same studio work together, know each other and know were to move so they don’t get in each others way. They have the same work style and can help each other if necessary. It is often that the photographer or videographers don’t work together and are in each others way (and frame!) because they are strangers. Try to avoid these situations.

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