Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding day filled with love, laughter, and joy. While this magical day passes by in a flash, the memories it creates are priceless. Cherished memories need to be preserved in a beautiful wedding book. Wedding books, just like family albums will stand the test of time, and last generation after generation.

In this blog post, we will explore the top reasons why couples should invest in a wedding book, ensuring their memories are forever captured and treasured. Read on to discover why this is a wise choice for couples planning their big day.

A Treasured Family Heirloom

A wedding book becomes a cherished family heirloom, symbolising the love and commitment shared between you and your partner. Displaying the book on your coffee table or bookshelf will allow future generations to admire and share the enchantment of your special day. It becomes a precious link to your family’s history, binding generations together and passing down the magic of your wedding day.

There are so many amazing moments we can include in a wedding book!

Bridesmaids and parents seeing you in a dress; arriving in that amazing old school classical car that you rented specially for this occasion; THE first look; tears from your parents as you and your significant other exchange vows; cocktail hour where everyone is carefree; decor; the perfect wedding cake…

When you visit your parents, do you go around their old albums and see you family from the way back? How things have been back then? Do your parents remember the stories from the pictures taken? A specific moment that led to it being captured? Those are the beautiful memories we need to preserve.

Wedding book with beige genuine leather
LayFlat wedding book

Eternalize and Relive Special Moments

A wedding book serves as a tangible testament to the love shared on the big day. By investing in a wedding book, couples can immortalize all the special moments, from the exchange of vows to the joyful celebrations with their loved ones. Flip through the pages even years later and relive the emotions, speeches, and magical moments with stunning visuals.

storyart wedding book

It stands the test of time

One of the reasons why you should get a wedding book is reliability. Photos can be kept on a USB drive, but it might be kept in a drawer and easily forgotten about. Wedding book offers long-term preservation of your precious memories. Technology changes rapidly, and photos could get lost.

Whether it’s USB or HDD, or even online, data can be erased or corrupted, especially if you are not tech-savvy. These days laptops don’t even have proper ports, so with having an external drive, you might have to buy adapters just to be able to look at your own wedding photos.
Professionally printed on high-quality paper, it guarantees longevity, ensuring your beautiful album remains intact for decades to come.

Wedding book
Wedding book

A Unique Reflection of Personal Style

A wedding book offers an opportunity to showcase your distinctive style and creativity. Design it to align with your wedding theme, colors, and overall aesthetic. From elegant and traditional to trendy and eclectic, let your personality shine through every page. Customize the layout, choose the fonts, and include meaningful quotes or anecdotes to make it truly unique.

Personalize every page and the cover. Are you more of natural materials person, or genuine leather? Pastel colors, or do you like darker vibes. Include your names on the cover of your wedding book as gold foil or any other color you love. Make it truly yours!

Wedding book as a perfect gift

Wedding books are a great gift for parents and maid of honor as well as best man. While your wedding book is big in size, you can always opt for a smaller one for your family that will fit anyones bookshelf. Customize the cover to suit each persons personality.

Wedding books with beige natural linen cover

Designing a wedding book yourself

You can design a book yourself, of course, but it takes time picking which photos you want, and we deliver a lot of them! And then you have to position them, laying it all out so it looks the best it can… We have experience doing this, and during the process of editing photos we are already thinking “oh yes, these two will form a great spread!” or “I love the emotions in this moment, so I am making this spread in black & white!”.

Making the book yourself also means you need to find the printing office and software. It is easy to start and say “I’ll come back to it later”. You may end up not doing it at all. With designing your own album, the process will likely be time-consuming, difficult and give you poor results to boot.

wedding book mexico

How do we design your wedding book?

A wedding book is all about your wedding day, and it needs to tell you about the wedding day in the most beautiful way possible.

We start with the editing. During our photo editing process, we go trough all the photos, and see what goes together. For example, we know that in the book we’ll include vows and rings on a separate spread, and something as special as that will definitely be in black and white! So with that in mind, when we design the book, we include those photos on one spread, so they all fit together in the most beautiful way. 

After we designed the whole wedding book, we give it to our colleagues for check up! Two sets of eyes are better than one! When they are satisfied with the photos and design, and every spread perfectly flows into the next one, this is where you come in! We send it to your emails, and you can open your wedding book in your preferable internet browser. You include comments like, I want this picture to replace this other picture. When you are done, you send it to us and we make your changes. We will send it to you once more so you are completely satisfied with your wedding book. And after that, we send it to print! We all wait a little bit for the printing office to do their best work, and after we send your book to you!

StoryArt Wedding book
StoryArt Wedding book

Wedding book, family book, vacation book…

The book doesn’t have to only be about the wedding. The point is to preserve your favourite memories. Like christening of your child, birthday party, engagement photo session, a trip to your favourite destination…

storyart wedding book

Personalisation of your wedding book

There is a lot of choices here! Different materials, a lot of beautiful colors, different types of paper, engraving, foil, canvas photo, or just a simple cover? If you can’t choose, we will give our suggestion based on your wedding, decor and overall feel. There are different wedding book materials to suit everyone’s taste. There is a variety of beautiful beige tones, pastel colors, and if you like bold colors, we have those too!

Personalising the cover of your wedding book can be a challenge. We can include a small photo from your photo session, or a big one that goes over the whole book page! Your emblem in gold foil is always such an elegant choice. Or if you are into minimalism, and don’t want to divert attention from your beautiful color and material, you can opt out of personalisation!

wedding book with emblem in gold foil
wedding book with small photo of the couple and beige genuine leather

Investing in a wedding book is a meaningful and worthwhile decision for couples wanting to savor their wedding day forever. By eternalizing special moments, reflecting personal style, creating a treasured family heirloom, and preserving every detail, couples can relive the magic of their wedding day whenever they desire. Don’t let your beautiful memories fade away; let them live on through the captivating pages of a wedding book.

The StoryArt, The LayFlat, or Premium High-End Luxury

Our wedding books are hand-crafted with the finest materials. The StoryArt has a classical book feel while The LayFlat is a modern book with a flat design and thick pages. Both of our wedding books come in Panorama or Cube style! The Premium High-End Luxury is a Vogue magazine type of book whose styles surpass the test of time.  Head over to our special web page where you can see all the differences and dimensions!