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The StoryArt or The LayFlat

Created by our Graphic Designers and Editors

The StoryArt WeddingBook Collection

Hard Cover + Soft Pages

Our flagship hand-crafted WeddingBook has a classical book feel with up to 200 pages.
This collection features colorful fabric, genuine leathers, paper-like and
synthetic leather-like covers with different cover designs.

The StoryArt Collection
The StoryArt Collection Video

The LayFlat WeddingBook Collection

Hard Cover + Hard Pages

Our handmade Premium Album in Flat design have the look and feel of timelessness,
with authentic quality of photos printed on thick pages, color materials and
wedding-themed cover layouts to suit everyone.

The LayFlat Collection
The LayFlat Collection Video
Let us do all and create a perfect WeddingBook for you

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Created by our Graphic Designers and Editors