Elegant destination wedding in Dubrovnik with sunset above Adriatic Sea

Sunsets are always such a beauty to witness. Seeing such beauty from Dubrovnik is a whole different thing. Especially if its your wedding and you are sharing the moments with the most important people. Now imagine, a restaurant, on an island, overlooking Dubrovnik, Adriatic Sea and a sunset? Now that is a Dubrovnik destination wedding to remember!

Sponza Wedding Ceremony in Dubrovnik

Mesmerised by the beauty of Adriatic and history of Dubrovnik, Austin & Chris choose Dubrovnik for their wedding destination. The historical Sponza Palace served as a great choice for their wedding ceremony. With the expertise of their planners Dubrovnik Event & florists Le Salon, they had a beautiful white flowers falling down behind the altar. White roses enriched Sponza Palace and made it even more elegant.

Island Koločep Wedding reception in Villa Rose

Their wedding photo session in Dubrovnik was defined by the majestic architectural style that pass through all buildings in Old Town Dubrovnik. Their guests waited for them in a boat that later took them to Island Koločep. The island was home to Villa Rose, with authentic Mediterranean delicacies and with a gorgeous view of the sunset above Adriatic!
Different from most newlyweds, Austin & Chris wanted their wedding cake to not be a cake at all! They opted for five-tier cheese wheels with grapes and olive branches. An absolutely delicious Mediterranean not-so-ordinary-cake! Scroll down and see how they spend their very special day in Dubrovnik and with their most important people!

Wedding planner: Dubrovnik Event
Florist: Le Salon
Wedding dress: Claire Pettibone

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