Girona Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer, Spain

Marian & Roberto are wonderful people who immediately won me over with their outgoing, temperament and warmth. These are people that you don’t find every day, but when you do, it feels like you know them your whole life. Anyone who have seen their wedding immediately reacted “wow”! Wow for the location and the perfect country house Mas del Mar that dates back to the 17th century, situated close to the coast, near Girona (Spain), wow for the emotional ceremony that was right next to an old olive tree, wow for the decorations that Marian and Roberto arranged themselves, wow for the great food that you could get from the food trucks, wow for a great atmosphere, and even more wow, wow, wow. In fact, I think this wedding was led by the enormous amount of positive energy from the newlyweds and their guests, everything else was just a plus.
Cinematography and photography by: Film Crew | Spain Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer | The Art of Photography and Videography