What's included in our Retreat

Masterclass Workshop + Real Live PhotoVideo Shoot

17th & 18th May 2021 Istria, CroatiaSan Canzian Hotel 5*, Buje - Istria, Croatia


  • Who we are and how we work
  • Approach and work with clients
  • Our gear (Photo & Video)
  • Wedding Workflow from A to Z
  • WEDDING Photo & Video Shoot (up to 3h)
  • How WE photograph & film - LIVE
  • Finding the location & light - LIVE
  • KEY things in Workflow with REAL couple
  • Which gear to USE for photo&video
  • Q&A
  • Hang out & Chill

Day 2. Lifestyle PHOTOSHOOT + Workflow + Postproduction

  • LIFESTYLE Photo & Video Shoot (up to 3h)
  • Postproduction and software (Photo & Video)
  • Complete Photography Selection & Editing Workflow
  • Complete Video Editing Workflow & Color grading
  • WeddingBook Design & Workflow
  • Slideshows & Our Online Services
  • Wedding Books & Packaging
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Travel and destination weddings
  • How we Book Weddings Worldwide
  • Prices and how to find a client
  • Q&A
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks included
Retreat is a full experience you want to to be a part of if you wish to learn about Photography and Videography for destination weddings. We will share with you our experience and knowledge from everything we know.
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17th & 18th May 2021, San Canzian Hotel, Buje - Istria, Croatia

Everything included in the Retreat


2 Days Accommodation in Hotel Included (one night)

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Amazing Food by San Canzian

Hang out and discussion

Get to know us and ask anything

The Presenters

Ena and David. Lead of MihociStudios.

Since 2007 we photographed and filmed weddings in more then 35 countries around the World.

David Mihoci

Photographer & Videographer

For any information please contact us
Photo & Video StyleShoot - Use your taken shoots for your Portfolio

Real Live Photo Video Style Shoot (from beginning to the end) 3h of the intensive shoot - how we work

We welcome you to use your cameras for photos and videos for your portfolio so bring your cameras with you! The imagery will include Getting ready of our couple, location shoots, full table setting, menus and beautiful calligraphy, small ceremony setup, photovideo session on different locations and scenarios, Photo&Video from Air, etc.

Our style of work is a mixture of a documentary and artistic approach. In our shooting style we will teach you to give emphasis on authentic moments and emotions in an authentic setting, and at the same time we attach major importance to composition and aesthetics.

Bodies, Lenses, Equipment, Profiles, Technique, Workflow, Style

What geat do we use. What gear do you need. Photo and Video cameras and lenses.  Camera profiles and settings. Jpeg/Raw, Color grading. Lights, Flashes, Microphones, Drones, Ronin, Stands, Computers.

Hybrid shooting (Photography + Videography) learn how o make Photos and Videos on a wedding.

Complete Photography Editing Workflow

Photography Selection. Photoshop & Lightroom Editing. WeddingBook DesignPrints & Slideshows. Our Online services, and so much more.

Complete Video Editing Workflow

Video Selections & Imports. Sequences, Editing Experience & Creating a Story. Video Cutting & Complete Editing Workflow. MihociStudios Color grading & Special effectsExports & Publications

What do we do for our Clients

See our WeddingBooks, Prints, Slideshows, Videos from Air, Packaging, Shop, etc

WeddingBooks & Boxes. Our Prints & Packaging. Online Gallery & Online Services. Shipping and Delivery. Shop and Marketing

Meet Vendors - Special Guests - LIVE

Meet Wedding Planners, Florists, MakeUp Artist, Designer, Industry Leaders

How to work close with wedding planner and all the vendors on a wedding, how to plan a day to have enough time for your work? Find out what is important to all vendors in the industry and how to make your work better. Meet the vendors and find out what is their story.


Your Portfolio

Private Portfolio Review with suggestions (up to 1h)

How do you stand out from your competition? Find your style and discover how to be a better photographer or videographer.

How can we help you? Get our portfolio review to point on key things in your photography or videography work to simply guide you to be better at the craft. We cover everything from: your website, social media accounts, design, video work and photography, editing, lighting and technical stuff to simply improve your work.

Wedding Photography & Videography Masterclass Workshop by MihociStudios

€8992 Days of Intense Workshop + Accommodation
  • Instant Booking: Limited number of spots
  • Payment: Paypal & Bank Transfer
  • Secure Payment: We only use safe and secure payments

Wedding Photography & Videography Masterclass Workshop by MihociStudios + Private Portfolio Review

€9992 Days of Intense Workshop + Private Portfolio Review & Suggestions + Accommodation
  • Instant Booking: Limited number of spots
  • Payment: Paypal & Bank Transfer
  • Secure Payment: We only use safe and secure payments

How we work? Meet us.