You are preparing for the “most beautiful and important day of your life”, although the “most important” part creates tremendous pressure, especially for the photos which you want to look perfect. Not only you’re not a professional model but you’re bothered by the thought that on that day you will have to pose in front of cameras and keep those photos as a lifelong memory. A lot of times you will hear the advice: “Relax.”, and even if it is the most smartest and universal advice ever, there are some other advices that will help you have truly perfect photographs.

Place your trust in a professional photographer

First and foremost thing that can help you is to be calm when it comes to wedding photos. Hire a professional and you won’t be sorry. Professional wedding photographer is not only the photographer who has mastered the technical settings of a camera and know how to occasionally make nice photographs, but also someone who will know how to capture every important moment which passes quickly, recognize emotions and know how to photograph you to highlight your inner and outer beauty without Photoshop. No, we are not superheroes, but it really is a part of our work and abilities. A professional will know how to be careful of proper lighting, because not even a supermodel can look beautiful with light falling on the wrong side of the face; they will know from which angle to photograph to hide flaws and highlight beauty. This angle is not universal for all people and that is why a professional is very important.  A professional will guide you and recognize how to make you more beautiful.

Meet the person you are posing for

Try to get to know the photographer in advance, talk with them, try to find common subjects. You can also give your ideas and wishes related to your wedding photography. This will help you relax and spontaneously express your emotions in front of a camera.

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Focus on your partner

When photographing with your partner, it’s great that he/she is with you.This is your moment and the photographs are captured for you. Everything is easier when your loved one is next to you. Love, hug and look at each other, laugh because it is the two of you and it is immediately easier to relax; and what else is supposed to be captured apart from you being spontaneous, in love and happy.

Believe in yourself

You hired a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, you are wearing your dream dress and you look perfect! Don’t think about which side of your face is better then the other or any flaws on your face or body. Every person has flaws and virtues. Focus on the good things, and a good photographer will know how to spot and highlight them. Confidence is always a characteristic that shines on photographs.

Beware of your posture

Proper posture often draws attention on photographs. Try to make a mental note to straight your back, shoulders and posture at least when you are in front of a camera. This will give you more elegant look and it will be noticeable on photographs.

Be yourself and enjoy the moment

You probably heard a lot of tips on how it is preferable to squeeze your eyes or to shape a letter “E” on your lips to get that Hollywood or supermodel smile. Those are all useful tips which can sometimes help, but what will make your smile even better is when it’s honest. Be yourself, laugh sincerely and be cheerful on photographs because that is very visible. Wedding photographs are here because of you and your memories, and a wedding day is full of emotions. So you have all conditions for perfect photographs.