Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer Cinematographer, Croatia

“Nikol and Fabio have met four years ago through some friends. You can’t say it was love at first sight, however, after several dates they found out that they have a lot of common interests and goals. After a year Nikol and Fabio decided to move in together, quickly realising that they work perfectly well together and make up a great team. Six months later, Fabio proposed to Nikol in New York with an engagement ring from Tiffany’s, which Nikol have always whished for.
Planning the wedding, Nikol suggested to get married on the Seychelles, at first Fabio liked the idea, but he quickly changed his mind. On the best day of his life he would like to gather his friends around him. Therefore they had to find a new location. Fabio reminisced about their first summer holiday together in Dubrovnik. Nikol was thrilled about this proposal.
On August 2nd, 2016 the time has come. The marriage ceremony took place in St. Ignatius church whereupon everyone moved to the wonderful Hotel Excelsior for the dinner and to party. It was an unforgettable day!”

Wedding Planner: Do You Wed Me

Cinematography and photography by: Mihoci.com Crew | Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer
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