The year 2017 has surpassed all the previous ones. It started fabulously cruising to the Caribbean during one of the most amazing weddings we were at and then spending winter in sunny Florida. Afterwards, there were many more travels and wonderful weddings taking places at some of the most interesting destinations in the world. We traveled to United States, Middle East, visited Australia for the first time… Dubrovnik was like our second home and we visited all the corners of our beautiful Croatia. We visited again, dear to our hearts – Spain and Ibiza, Cyprus, Germany, England, Switzerland. We were several times in Italy, travelling from north to the south and enjoyed it endlessly. We were at a new and exotic destinations like Lebanon and Morocco, and we have finished our working year in snowy and idyllic Austrian Alps.

We have travelled the world for weddings again. We enjoyed each one and were motivated to make the best photos and videos possible.

Some members of our team haven’t even visited their homes during most of the year, and this July, Mihocis got a new little member who will first learn to walk & talk, and then take photos and movies. He was present at most of the weddings, and Ena photographed and traveled up to 38th week of pregnancy. David finished working at a wedding in Istria, Croatia and arrived home just on time to take Ena to a hospital to give birth. After many years, Stephan visited his birth place Australia and places where he had spent his childhood.

There was so many new things happened durring the year and the year went by fast… Many thanks to all our clients, all the great wedding planners we worked with, all the magazines and editors who have published our work, and to all the wonderful people who contributed in making this year the best so far.

We look forward to New 2018 and all new interesting weddings, places and lovely people!

MihociStudios Team