Our love was love at first sight. We met one summer day seven years ago, and became inseparable. During that time, I went to college on another town, and was sad cause I met my soulmate from whom I will have to be apart. My sweetheart promised me that nothing will stand between us, especially the distance! The distance didn’t stop my Fedja to visit me every Wednesday after work, going back to work at dawn – just as he promised. Years went by, our life changes, but we remained in love as on the first day.

We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. On summer of 2019, I got my specialisation, and Fedja said we need to celebrate! He took me to a small, deserted island Radelj, near Murter. I didn’t suspect a thing. Completely alone on the island, in a beautiful Villa Immortelle, while looking at the sea and the sunset, Fedja took a beautiful ring that looked like it was made for me, and asked me to marry him. 

We decided to get married in the summer of 2020, and we knew that our planner Tihana from Studio Happiness will help so that everything is perfect. We didn’t find traditional wedding interesting. We knew that our wedding was going to be different, fun and without much protocol. We planned a big party with 200 guests and outdoor wedding. Tihana organised without any problems everything for July 2020. In December 2019 we find out something that changed our plans and it wasn’t only COVID! We learned that in August 2020, exactly on the seventh anniversary of our relationship, our little victory will be arriving – our baby Viktoria.

Pregnancy, pandemic and planning a wedding, sound like a catastrophe recipe. Despite the fact that everything was planned for July, we decided to change the plan and make a smaller wedding in Dubrovnik. With the help of my amazing aunt and uncle who live in Dubrovnik, we managed to plan that wedding too! The church, restaurant, accommodation, photographers, makeup and hair – everything was done in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, measures, passes and uncertainty of the whole situation made us cancel everything. Discouraged we almost gave up. Amidst all the problems, we realised how insignificant the little things that used to worry us are, and the only the we want is to be together and to promise each other love and fidelity in the circle of our dearest people. 

We scheduled a ceremony in the church of St. Michael in Osijek Fortress. Friends of Fedja’s parents gave us their country house “Mikin dol” in Baranja, which is surrounded by beautiful forest ,orchard and a lookout with a beautiful view. Luckily, our photographers, Ena & David Mihoci, were free to take our photos. I gave up a wedding dress and ordered a white suit in Zara, treated myself with striking Jimmy Chooes, and Fedja bought blue suit in Varteks. The wedding rings were a first wedding gift of Fedja’s family friends. We contacted our relatives and friends: “Guys! This time for real! The wedding is on June 6th! :)” Tihana took care of everything else.

It was raining the week before the wedding, every day. But on the wedding day, the weather was sunny and perfect. We woke up, and the day seemed like any other, without any stress that I thought I would feel. Went to get my hair and nails done. My friends came to my house to get their makeup done. I put on my moms earrings and necklace that my maid of honour gifted me. We were all in our suits, and went to the church!

The ceremony was wonderful. Walking toward the altar, holding my dad’s hand, watching my beautiful smiling fiancé as the Allegro band sand softly in the background with a guitar… It was hard to hold back tears of joy. The day has finally come, when we can promise each other love and fidelity in front of all our closest and dearest people, for better or for worse.

After the ceremony, we went to Baranja. The house in Mikin dol greeted us in full glory. A beautiful green glade surrounded by lamps was the most perfect dance floor, a gazebo where chef Nenad Komes made his specialties on the spot (which people still talk about today), a gin and tonic bar, a golden tub full of beer and antique wooden tables decorated with beautiful peonies and more flower arrangements from Fantasies of the Flower Atelier. Our photos were hung on a large wooden frame, and the guests took the succulents, as our gift to them, home.

I changed into a short white dress sewn for me by my aunt, Fedja changed into shorts and put on flip-flops. We danced the first dance barefoot, spontaneously and coiled in our style. The speech of godmother Victoria moved us to tears, and the speech of godfather Hrvoje also made us laugh. DJ Omke played until the late hours of the night – karaoke was sung, breakdance was danced, we lit a fire and baked sausages on sticks.

When I was a little girl and was fantasizing about my wedding, I couldn’t even imagine a day as beautiful as ours. Despite all the intricacies, delays and 1001 unfulfilled plans, I deeply believe that fate wanted our wedding to be just then and to be just the way it was – relaxed, happy and magical. I will forever remember that sweet trepidation and excitement, how much our faces ached from the sincere laughter and the baby’s favorite belly movements as she danced with us.

Wedding planner: Studio Happiness
Location: country house „Mikin dol“
Food: chef Nenad Komes
Sweets: Gold by Waldinger
Flowers: Fantazija Cvjetni Atelier
Bride’s suit: Zara
Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s suit: Varteks
Hair: Beauty centar KA
MUA: Valentina Roso