Romantic proposal? Check!
Amazing wedding destination? Check!
Beautiful wedding dress, decor and ceremony? Check, check, check!

From our bride, Viktoria

Since we started living in Germany, we have been looking for a suitable wedding location in our hometown for a very long time. My cousin recommended a wedding planner. As I really liked the blog of the wedding planner, I knew that she should accompany us on our adventure and so my dream came true thanks to our wedding planner Duška from “Das Hochzeitswerk“. When we thought about where the wedding should take place, our choice fell immediately on Croatia. Croatia does not only have beautiful beaches, a very interesting culture but also incredibly friendly people. We knew, our family and friends would feel very comfortable there and that was very important to us. Ultimately, the wedding took place in beautiful Poreč in Istria at the romantic Villa Polesini. The villa itself is in an enchanting delicate pink color. Since the villa is so impressive, I didn’t want too much decoration. That`s the reason why we chose a simple but romantic style. The colours should remain subtle, so the choice fell on white with a few gold and green shades. In order to do justice to the charm of the villa, many candles and fairy lights were important to us. Even the playful trees around the table setting were shining in lights. It was wonderful!

Before we decided to get married abroad, I wanted to do as much as possible for the decoration myself. As we finally got married at Villa Polesini, I wanted as little decoration as possible! However, I still wanted to contribute something myself. We ordered an easel with a large picture frame. Duška decorated it with a matching floral decor on the day of our wedding. My maid of honour and I made funny photo tasks for the guests for the easel. They were then allowed to take photos with a Polaroid camera during the day and then attach them to the string of lights in the picture frame. I still look at these pictures with a smile on my face. A super nice memory!

In retrospect, the whole wedding was one favourite moment for me. I enjoyed every single second. But if I had to decided for only one moment, then it would be the moment, when I ran with my dad to meet my husband. It was incredibly magical. I was so excited because I hadn`t seen the ambience in the garden of the villa before. Everything was a surprise for me, I knew what everything was going to look like, but I hadn’t seen any of it yet. I only heard my bridesmaids and maid of honour screeching all the time because they were so thrilled. The moment was finally here and I could walk down the path. Seeing my family and friends, seeing the incredible decor for the first time and of course seeing my wonderful husband who was waiting for me, excited and full of joy.  I still get goose bumps and tears in my eyes when I remember that moment!

To find the perfect dress, my mother and one of my best friends came with me. I was excited because I didn’t really know what style I wanted for my dress. I tried on very few dresses because I quickly fell in love with one particular dress, my dress. My mom and girlfriend were totally horrified because they were prepared for spending a long time choosing wedding dresses because I am very picky. My mom really wanted to shed a few tears, but she didn’t make it so quickly as I decided. I was confused myself and decided to sleep over it one more night. But the dress just couldn’t get out of my head. Together my mother and my sister drove to the shop again. I tried it on and the three of us started to cry. It was just my dress. It doesn’t depend on the amount of dresses you try on until you find your perfect dress, but on how you feel about it. Once, you’ve found your dress, you’ll feel it.

The search for the perfect suit turned out to be far more difficult! We couldn’t find a suitable suit for a long time. We were in many suit stores until we found the right one, and it was still at the tailors, a week before we went to Croatia! Nobody should say that women are complicated. 🙂

My advice for future brides and grooms is to simply enjoy the day and every single second. This day is unique and therefore don’t let the little things stress you out, because they make the day special, right? The day goes by so quickly, so have fun soaking up every moment and enjoy.