Villa Sheherezade Destination Wedding in Dubrovnik

Villa Sheherezade is one of the top wedding venues in Dubrovnik but also in Croatia. It offers everything at one location. The villa hosted one of the most luxurious weddings in Dubrovnik. That of Ksenia & Otso, a couple that decided that Dubrovnik is their perfect wedding destination. Scroll down and see what our planner Dubrovnik Event had to say about this Villa Sheherezade wedding!

Luxurious Villa Sheherezade Wedding

From our planner, Dubrovnik Event

If I had to choose the most patient and persistent bride in these ten years since I have been organising weddings, Ksenia would definitely take the first prize. The two of us first heard from each other a year and a half before this spectacular wedding took place.  Ksenia came to Dubrovnik several times, both with her parents and with her chosen one, and each of her visits was planned in a minute. 

Ksenia is Russian and Otso is Finnish. A very interesting combination, believe me, and our biggest challenge was to create a party that will lead a hundred guests of these two nations to dance, joy and constant action. Both Russians and Finns have an intensive program of games at the wedding, organised parties, challenges in dancing and singing, endless speeches and an open microphone, but they also expect an excellent program outside the wedding.

The wedding day began a little too sunny and we knew that we were waiting for a little more nervousness among the guests who inadvertently blame us for being in three-layer suits. If I’m not mistaken, the thermostat crossed the number 40 around noon, while our tireless team from the flower studio was stacking the most beautiful round arch in the world. Ksenia has been planning decor and floral decorations with us for perhaps the longest time. Her fantastic style came to the fore in the design of the ceremony, when in addition to the round flower arch she insisted on the green carpet. I have to admit that I persuaded her to choose a red carpet that would mark her phenomenal temperament, but I admit it was one of the best ideas I’ve seen. 

The green carpet in the shape of artificial grass looked, I dare say, damn good. For a moment I forgot how hot it was when I saw that beauty. We planners rarely have “favourites,” but another recognition follows, this was my favorite wedding ceremony design of my career. 

The tireless newlyweds, took a luxury speedboat to the City to take photos with a team of photographers and cameramen, while our guests slowly relaxed, cooled down and indulged in the magic around them. 

Lamps on the bushes as far as the eye can see, blooms in abundance, candles and light effects like in a movie… Before dinner, a traditional Russian bread ceremony was held, a huge loaf of bread (brought from Russia, believe it or not!) presented to the newlyweds by their parents, and the newlyweds competed to bite off a larger piece. He who succeeds in this, will lead the main word in marriage, or so they say. Who do you think bit off a bigger piece at just about every one of our Russian weddings? Women, of course!

Ksenia and Otso danced the waltz flawlessly as if they were at a dance competition and we soon headed to the party. The band didn’t stop for hours and managed to dance our Russian-Finnish combination of guests, and the moment the newlyweds cut the cake, the biggest fireworks that Dubrovnik had ever seen exploded behind them. Yes, it was a hot, beautiful, fan astic and unforgettable day. There was dancing until the early hours of the morning, when our dear Ksenija and Otso were accompanied by their last guests on their honeymoon to an exotic archipelago, just like in the movies. 

Beautifully planned by: Dubrovnik Event
Florist: Le Salon Dubrovnik
Hair & Makeup: Salon Up
Venue: Villa Sheherezade

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