Wedding Photography

Unlimited number of photographs taken on the wedding. In average altogether from 3.000-20.000 images (depending on the package) with 500-1500 photos edited print ready. While shooting, we do not have determined amount of recorded photos and we put maximal effort while shooting and capture every moment and every detail of your wedding.

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Wedding Video and Film

Explore our latest Film work and enjoy our unique style of filming your wedding day. Unlimited film coverage on the wedding. While filming, we do not have determined amount of recorded video and we put maximal effort while filming to capture every moment and every detail of your wedding.

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Engagement photos + Couples photos + Engagement videos

When we approach people that we photograph with love, and understand them and their stories, they spontaneously, in front of our camera, express their personality and beauty. Sometimes without even knowing it.

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Kids, Family and lifestyle photos

We make beautiful pictures and precious moments. Emotion, moment, composition.

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Day before + Day after Photos and Videos

Book us for day before or day after the wedding and have an additional and amazing Photo-session on amazing location or venue.

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MihociStudios WeddingBooks

StoryArt & LayFlat

World premium WeddingBooks. Explore our latest priceless new designs of our luxury WeddingBooks. Glass, aluminum and leather

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4K Cinematography from Air

Include 4K cinematography from air to your video and WeddingBook. See the amazing view from air and be a part of your wedding in different way. In average altogether from 30min to 4h of footage (depending on the package) with 20-50 photos taken during the flights.

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Medium, Large format and 35mm Film Photography

Several years now we offer Wedding Photography exclusively on classic film.

Have your wedding captured on best film media on market: Ilford, Kodak, Fotokemika, Fuji. At the end we develop it, we laboratory scan it on 77 Mpix and if you want make enlargements on Black&White premium archive paper like Ilford or Fotokemika on maximum enlargements of 70x50cm.

Hand Made Invitations and Thank you cards

Beautifully designed, handmade and printed on finest Art Papers. Each card is individually handmade on finest quality 300-350g Art paper. Created by MihociStudios Design Team for your wedding day with over 30+ custom designs.

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SDE - Same Day Edit

Multimedia photography and videography projection highlights live on your wedding day.

For the last 10 years we have bean creating beautiful Photo and Video projection of your wedding live on the wedding day. That is a show!

Personal Protected Wedding Page

Have your entire story in one place, on our Custom page made for you protected with password. Up to 1000 photos Full High Resolution with Photography SlideShow and VideoShow included in the page so you are able to watch your wedding and share it with your friends and family.

Photoshow - Multimedia Photography Slideshows

We make beautiful Slideshows! Have your wedding presented in best posible way, created from your beautiful wedding photos with perfect soundtrack. Up to 30 minutes of total time. Watch it on your Tablet, Smartphone, DVD, BluRay, Online…

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64Gb MihociStudios USB Drive

Have your wedding photos and videos stored on secure place with our uniquely made 64Gb USB Drive. Store all your edited photos and your video storys in one place.

DVD & BluRay Package

Have your wedding stored in DVD and BluRay quality with PhotoShow + VideoShow + VideoShowExtended.

Polaroid Photographs & Camera

What to have fun with Polaroid? Well we can create a beautiful Polaroid photographs just of you or have fun on your own and hire a Polaroid cameras from us.

MihociStudios VideoEditing

Capturing that true moment on film and editing it in a complete story video true a MihociStudios storytelling style. Real weddings, Real moments, Real emotions.

Explore our weddings stories and our specific way of expression.

Additional Crew of Photographers and Cinematographers

Do you want to include more crew members to capture your wedding. Simply let us know if you need more photographers or cinematographers, male or female crew. We are crew of photographers, cinematographers, graphic designers, photography editors, video editors, travellers, adventurers.

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