When we approach people that we photograph with loveand understand them and their storiesthey spontaneouslyin front of our camera express their personality and beauty.Sometimes without even knowing it.

We are MihociStudios

Since 2007 we photographed and filmed weddings in more than 40 countries around the World.
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Our Wedding Destinations 2022

Jan – AustriaItalyCroatia
Feb – Mexico, USAItalyCroatia
Mar –
SwitzerlandGermany, Mexico,

Apr – USASwitzerland, Croatia
May – SwitzerlandCroatia, Spain, Italy, Ger, Jordan
Jun – France, Ger, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland
Jul – Switzerland, ItalyCroatiaGermany, Spain
Aug – USA, SpainSwitzerland, ItalyCRGER, UK
Sep – FranceSwitzerland, ItalyCroatiaGermany, UK
Oct – USAItalyCroatia, Mexico, Qatar, Spain