Aerial Photography & Videography

Our aerial videos offer a rare glimpse of the countries we traveled to. Here you will find crowded cities with beautiful architecture and untouched landscapes from air.

Besides taking beautiful videos from air, drones can be very interestingly used in wedding photography and videography. They can capture key and real moments of the day: exchanging your vows, photo session from air, your first dance and the wedding party…

Drone videography can be amazing, because it can capture the beauty of the wedding venues or wedding destination. Imagine getting married on a Caribbean beach, a beautiful city like Venice or having your engagement session on Hawaii? How about on Hvar Island, Istria or Dubrovnik?
Your wedding book and wedding video can both have beautiful shots of your wedding destination.

The possibilities with aerial photography & videography are endless!

Worldwide Aerial Videography

Croatia Aerial Videography