Film Wedding Photographer Cinematographer – Ostuni, Italy

This spring I had a pretty chaotic and exciting start, with a lot of travel and distant land weddings, as well as our own wedding at the beginning of May. ;) I have to confess it continued in the same rhythm and I finally managed to find some time on the road to single out one exciting journey to a wedding on the south of Italy.
Joshua & Ashley came from Los Angeles so they could enjoy beautiful Italy and organise a ‘dream come true’ wedding in a little medieval town of Ostuni, which is often called ‘The white town’, because of houses and buildings painted in white and specific mediterranean architecture. We arrived in Ostuni late in the evening two days before the wedding, and the moment I woke up (I was sleeping in the car all the way from Napoli to Ostuni), I saw white walls and imposing buildings and churches and was surprised and impressed! I recommend you check out more about Ostuni on the internet, because the town itself and its history left me speechless, and I’m sure not many of you heard about this little fairy tale like town on the south of the Italian province of Puglia. Since I can’t keep my excitement for south Italy for myself, I will publish a much detailed post about Italy and the whole travel on other occasion, I dedicate this post to Joshua & Ashley.
As I already mentioned before, their wedding was really special and ‘a dream come true’ wedding, because the sun started to shine on their day, after a week of rain, and the whole atmosphere was more than relaxed and positive. All the guests were placed in a beautiful hotel La Sommita, which was part of the old city core, where, later that evening, a dinner was served in their famous restaurant with a Michelin star. I think you can already assume that the whole atmosphere that the white town gave, plus flawless organisation, with premium Italian gastronomy was perfect, so I let you see for your own how it all looked like…
P.S. This is just a part of the photos taken on a  digital medium, because we documented the major part of the wedding with B&W / colour 35mm, medium format and largeformat film. One more post will be dedicated to the photos which we captured on film.