Hinchingbrooke House Wedding Photographer Cinematographer, England UK.

For some reason I just love England and English weddings! I like their fashion, attention to details and the overall aesthetics that you can see on their weddings! London is one of my favourite city, doesn’t matter how many times I visit London, it never gets boring! Samuel Johnson didn’t say without a good reason “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. :) I simply love the spirit of this city, streets full of people, amazing museums, fashion, interesting people you can meet anywhere you look, diversity… But at the same time there is a typical English tradition, culture and elegance. I could write a whole page just on the subject how I love London but this time we headed east, to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. I was absolutely thrilled by eastern England because you can feel a totally different vibe than the busy and loud streets of London. The lifestyle is more peaceful and calm, and the landscape is full of greenery and beautiful historical houses.

Claire and Russell invited us to Huntingdon this summer to capture their glamorous wedding with a vintage touch. I must admit, we were thrilled to be a part of their lovely wedding story, it really was like in a fairy tale. Claire was getting ready for the big day with her bridesmaids in a wonderful castle with magnificent scenery and rich historical value, Hinchingbrooke House, where the ceremony took place later that day. After that all the guests got onto a traditional English red Double-decker which then headed to The Royal Air Force base Wyton, where a glamorous dinner and dance floor was organised. I still can’t believe that I visited a highly secured air force base, you can’t just walk into such a place, you need to be invited by a highly ranked personnel and get a special pass. It has been an honour to be given this once in a lifetime experience.

Continue to enjoy this unique wedding story through the pictures below and stay tuned for the soon to be released video!    ;)

I would like to thank Claire, Russell, their family and friends, and a special thanks to Claire’s father Bruce for taking such good care of us and being our tour guide the whole stay!

Cinematography and photography by: Mihoci.com Film Crew | England Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer
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