Schloss Freudenstein Wedding Italy

Schloss Freudenstein is a stunning wedding destination venue, and as wedding photographers, we were excited to capture the beauty of the castle and Italian landscape. 

Located on the outskirts of Dresden, Schloss Freudenstein is a gorgeous castle that will take your breath away. With its stunning architecture and luxurious interiors, it is the perfect venue for a fairytale wedding. And when it comes to wedding photography, this castle is a dream come true.

Beautifully set among orchards and surrounded by vineyards, Schloss Freudenstein is an Italian castle and an ideal venue for destination weddings. Schloss Freudenstein sits on top of a hill, with a mountain behind it, and a small town in front with an amazing view of the Italian Alps.

Schloss Freudenstein is surrounded by small villas and houses each with their own vineyards. It is royal and historical, elegant and glamorous, and a great inspiration for wedding photographs.

One of the most popular spots for wedding photography at Schloss Freudenstein is the castle’s grand staircase. With its sweeping curves and elegant design, it is the perfect place to take those all-important bridal portraits. Imagine walking down that majestic staircase in your wedding dress, with your veil trailing behind you – it’s a moment that will be captured forever in your wedding photos.

Wedding dinners are taken to a new level with the glass house, the orangerie. Located in the castle’s courtyard, it gives a breathtaking view of the Italian Alps. The wedding decor in the orangerie spills with glamour with white tablecloth imbued with light blue renaissance-like illustrations and white statues. 

All the details were brought together in the sophisticated Schloss Freudenstein, where elegance complements the historic architecture of the castle, which made the wedding photos nothing short of magical!

Everything was wonderfully planned by The Wedding Company in Schloss Freudenstein and an amazing set of vendors:

Classy Flowers; Fettich Tatiana; Verleih und Dekoration; Belen Bridal; Babette de Zwart; White and Berry; Bridal Makeup Munich; WeddorableClaudia Lindner