Regardless of how long you are in the relationship, you certainly can’t flaunt a lot of shared photos taken by a professional photographer. You are engaged and it is fully justified to celebrate your status and want official photographs where it will be just the two of you as a couple, relaxed and in love. Besides that, it is desirable to experience how to stand in front of professional photographic equipment before the wedding.

So, here are some useful reasons why you should have an engagement photo session and everything you need to know about it.

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Engagement photo session as a rehearsal

Besides finally having beautiful and professional couple photos, an engagement photo session can have other roles. It can be an excellent rehearsal and a preparation for the most important photos for which you have hired a professional photographer – wedding photographs!

This way you can get to know your photographer better as their way of work, and get used to the constant clicking of a camera which are directed to you. This can sometimes cause discomfort, but with little practice and a nice photographer, the discomfort can become the opposite experience and the cameras can flatter you. Aside from that, your photographer can also be better prepared and recognise in which situations you look your best and give you some tips.

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Relaxation before all

You are not getting married every day and it is probably your first time. Everything is new and it can be stressful. Would you be more relaxed if you didn’t take your photo for the first time? Would it be easier on your wedding day to know what to expect from your professional photographer and to feel comfortable in their company and be on your own terms? Think about that.

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Use your engagement photos for your wedding

You are looking for the best way to tell the world you are engaged, and invite your guests to your wedding. In that case the engagement photos are a very good option! You can include them in your invitations, complete the look of your wedding website if you have one, or use them as decorations at the wedding.

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Freedom of choosing the location

You love photographs by the sea, you met at a romantic island, and on the wedding day you won’t be able to take photos by the sea because it is miles away. Why wouldn’t you have your engagement photo session somewhere you want it? In agreement with the photographer, set the date when you are not limited by the time and when you can go wherever you want, a beautiful and special place where your photographer will take phenomenal photos. Location doesn’t have to be connected to the wedding.

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Engagement Photo session Mexico

Make ti personal

Choose a location and details which have a special value to you. It can be a place where you got engaged, favourite caffe where you enjoy coffee together or a library because you share love for books. If you love traveling, think about professional photographs while you travel. Engagement photo session can be thematic, and for the location you can choose your home. You can even include your pet. Be yourself and be unique.

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The best time for engagement photo session

You are the ones choosing the time for the photo session, but take some things into consideration. For example, contact your photographer as soon as possible and set up a time for the photo session. Keep in mind that wedding photographers can be quite busy in the wedding season.

If you are planning to have your photographs taken outside, think about which season you would like to have on your photos, if you want to be in a summer dress or warm winter coat. If you want your photos to be used for wedding invitations, keep in mind that they have to be ready before you order wedding invitations. The photographer takes a certain time to select and edit the photos. You can match the engagement photo session with a trial make up and hairstyling.

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Clothes and appearance

Photographers are not stylists, but they can notice what does and doesn’t look good on photos. Try to avoid colorful clothes and patterns. Different colors and patterns can often ruin balance on photos, unless they are carefully designed and fit into ambiance. The cameras love primary colors but be careful with them. Details in primary colors can draw attention and be visually appealing. Try to match your clothes but don’t overdo it. Wear something you feel comfortable in and beautiful, something appropriate for the ambiance in which you are taking your photo. If you don’t know what to wear, try to get inspired by the photos of other couples that you like.

The only thing that is left is to be spontaneous, cheerful and in love, and the photographer will do the rest. Give yourself some room to breathe and capture the most beautiful photographs before your wedding. And don’t forget your engagement ring!

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