Caribbean Islands Wedding Cruise

Someone once challenged Valérie, telling her that Europeans don’t have a tradition of making long weddings. This time it was about Valérie’s plan and organisation, which lasted no less then eight days.

The wedding actually lasted for one day, but all of Valérie & Benny’s guest enjoyed an eight-day cruise in the Caribbean and were involved in daily activities to celebrate their wedding. We were there to capture every fascinating island and wonderful days spent on that cruise. Although our usual practice is to go to the other end of the world to photograph weddings, this was our first cruise wedding!

Valérie and Benny invited us to capture their wedding and travel, and it all began on a warm and sunny day after Christmas, in the colorful San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we were boarding the ship of love together with other guests. In this case, it was the luxurious Azamara Quest cruiser that we sailed on and explored the beauty of the Caribbean islands for the next eight days and ended the voyage in Miami Harbour. Meanwhile, the ship has docked on several Caribbean islands: St. Martin, St. Barth, Antigua and St. Kitts.

Check out the amazing video that will show you the beauty of the Caribbean Islands and great time we had on the cruise!

Wedding planner: Gold’n Guest
Wedding dress: Justin Alexander
Makeup artist & hairstylist: Beauty Secrets & Jenna Coiffure St. Barth
Wedding florist: Bloomy

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Cinematography and photography by: Film Crew | Caribbean Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer | The Art of Photography and Videography

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A cultural center of Puerto Rico, full of beautiful beaches, San Juan is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.

The first day and departure from San Juan was reserved for introductions, but also for early sleep and jet lag treatment. Since Valerie is part French, part. German, and Benny is an Indian from United Arab Emirates, their guests arrived from different parts of the world.

Saint Martin

Saint Martin, quieter than its Dutch counterpart Sint Maarten, the French half of the island is a charming mix of white-sand beaches, cluttered town centers and stretches of country mountainside. The island’s French side is known for its nude beaches, clothes, shopping and French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. Saint Martin is occasionally threatened by Atlantic hurricane activity in the late summer and early fall.

After the ship was docked in the first port, Valérie & Banny took their guests for lunch at the hotel La Samanna along one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The pleasant 27 degrees Celsius in the sun at the end of December seemed like a relief to everyone present, as well as to the iguana that lazily crawled in the sun.

Saint Barths Wedding

The next day was the most important day of the cruise. The day of a perfect Caribbean wedding on the island of Saint Barthélemy. The guys were “stressed out” since the morning, spending time enjoying the beach and trying out all the extreme water sports, while the women spent every moment on make up and dresses. Everything was relaxed and that is why the wedding was perfect and dreamlike.

Benny saw Valérie for the first time in her wedding dress on the sandy beach of the beautiful Le Toiny Hotel where their wedding ceremony was held. The whole reception continued on the same beach, between tropical trees where everyone enjoyed the excellent French gastronomy and seafood specialties. St. Barth is a French island so everything has taken a piece of that French chic and charm.


An island located in the West Indies, known for exemplary food, family-friendly activities, and legendary cocktails. Surrounded by 108 square miles of beautiful coastline, Antigua offers 365 white sand beaches and a wide array of entertainment.

It was a part of the cruise reserved only for relaxation after the wedding. Everyone went their own way to one of the stunning beaches of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. At the end of the day everyone was showing their lazy pictures taken at the heavenly beaches.

Saint Kitts

The last port of the Caribbean was the island St. Kitts. The bride and groom have taken their friends and family to the unforgettable experience in the rain forest safari. We tried the local fruit and plants, traveled through green fields, while the rest of the day we prepared for another great night.
The evening in St. Kitts was reserved for New Years Party on the cruiser. Fresh specialities and the finest drinks were offered, while everybody came to the main deck where they danced and celebrated until morning.

We spent several more days sailing to our last location, Miami Harbour. We had the opportunity to spend time getting acquainted with the newlyweds and their guests, and interview guests to surprise Valerie & Benny and further enhance our videos throughout the cruise.

Valérie & Benny gave us an unforgettable experience, because such a wedding can only be a dream of every wedding photographer and guest. They married in style and their wedding will remain a long time memory.