Wedding Styled Shoot in an abandoned greenhouse in Slovenia

This styled shooting is inspired by the abandoned greenhouse that beautifully agrees with winter. When nature is asleep and is completely untouched, the greenhouse stands still. The idyllic Palace Gutenbuchel, with its tranquil courtyard, provided us with backdrop that easily enchants you into its beauty.

The idea was to invigorate the greenhouse with flowers and elements. To connect the outside landscape with the inside of the greenhouse. It was important to match the colours of the greenhouse interior with the selection of flowers and rentals. The colours are mild, imprinted with winter tones of nature. Our great team put emphasis on the use of natural elements – wood, silk, linen and ceramics!

The details on the table vary from rough texture to the subtle and soft parts. Details are imitating the weather and how it impacted the greenhouse over time. We used sustainable elements; dried and dehydrated flowers that can be used multiple times. The candles undergo melting process, that results in wax used to make invitations! And cut flowers are dried and used in new projects.

The wedding dresses are flowy, simple but intricate, and fit perfectly with each backdrop. Having a lot of beautiful wedding details to work with, and beautiful wedding dresses to capture, we worked with talented people and used the palaces outdoors and greenhouse to its extent!

Organization: Weddings in Croatia
Coordination: Organizator vjencanja
Stayling, design and flowers: Showroom Design and Events
Location: Dvorec Gutenbuchel
Wedding dress: Royal Bride by Ivana Bilich
Hair: Studio Fluid Zagreb
Jewelry: AnaMarija Nakit
Cake: Emazing Creations 
Sationary: Wedding Stuff
Plates: Hana Karim

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