Tulum Birthday Photo Shoot in Hotel Bardo

Hotel Bardo is a chic location right in the heart of the Mayan jungle in Tulum. Bohemian decor, jungle-inspired textures and beach bungalow are the best parts of Bardo hotel. Bardo feels like secluded and exclusive retreat with an emphasis on highlighting the Mayan jungle. We had the pleasure of capturing these two wonderful people and the beauty of Hotel Bardo.

It was an interesting and happy combination of circumstances that at the time of our stay in Mexico, Audrey was there because of her birthday with her Nico. Audrey is also a wedding photographer and one of the best in wedding industry, but this time she delighted us by standing in front of our cameras! Audrey and Nico are a lovely couple who do not lack French style and elegance, and they are so nice and easy going people whose company we really enjoyed.